Product Strategy Made Easy (The Most Simplified Answer)

Product Strategy

Product Strategy has got various definitions and versions. Different companies have different versions, most companies don’t have a product strategy.

Some companies have a product strategy and some don’t. Now, the big question is, is it really important?

The answer is a big Yes!!!

Product strategy outlines the ultimate vision of a product. It states that where the product will settle. It’s a roadmap which helps define the journey since inception.

It’s not debatable that a product strategy is important.

Many companies fall into the trap of considering Product Strategy as a plan to construct specific functions and capacities. We usually say our Product Strategy are things like:

” To produce a system that permits music producers to submit and share their music.”
” To create a backend system that will certainly enable the sales group to manage their leads.”
” To produce a front of the channel website that markets to our target customers and transforms them.”

This isn’t a Strategy, this is a plan. The issue is that when we treat a product plan like a strategy, it will generally fail. Strategies do not represent unpredictability or change. They give us a false complacency. “If we simply follow the strategy, we’ll do well!” However, there is no assurance of success right here.

Why is a product strategy important?

The product strategy develops the basis for carrying out a product roadmap as well as subsequent item launches. The product technique allows the company to concentrate on a certain target audience as well as attribute collection, instead of attempting to be everything to everyone.

Elements of a product strategy

There are six key elements or rather questions, one should answer in order to define the strategy

  1. Who are you selling (Target customer)
  2. What are you selling (Unique Selling point)
  3. What value you are providing (Value proposition)
  4. What should be the Price (Best Price)
  5. How will you distribute (Distribution)

Product strategy should align with the ultimate business goal. The biggest responsibility of a product strategist is to figure integrate various stakeholders aspirations (Business, Final Consumers, Middlemen etc)

The best way to go about it is to interview buyers personas. It should serve all right.

This makes visions come true in an easy and achievable way.



How to Drive Traffic from Facebook Groups without spamming? (Step-by-step guide)


Have you ever tried to drive traffic from facebook groups and failed to get any?  Group owners might have knocked you out from groups or group members protested to get you out when you are sharing your links.  I have faced the same dilemma, but lately, I have cracked the code to get real high-quality traffic. In this article, I will divulge the secret.

This method will not only teach you to drive enormous traffic from facebook groups but will help you make a trustable person overall.

Now, to get results,  you need to change your perception before applying the method stated below. “Remeber people don’t like to sold, they feel good when someone helps, in turn, they trust you.”

I am assuming that the product which you are promoting holds real value for the consumer. 

Once you gained the trust of the group members who will soon be your customers (Not all but some) they will not only buy once but again and again if you will maintain your relevance and not pitch them something which isn’t for them.

With that being said, Let’s first start with understanding some basic goals of all the parties involved in the whole process.

  1. You
  2. Group Admins
  3. Group Members
  4. Facebook

You, of course, want people to go to your website and do the desired CTA (Call-to-action).

Group Admins want to protect groups from spammers and want groups to be engaging

Group Members are seeking content, valuable connections, answer to their problems and some good engagements.

Facebook wants to play fair according to community terms and conditions.

If you are able to crack this up, then you win the half war.

What not to do? (Strict warning)

Before, starting what to do, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do.

  1. Don’t spam groups
  2. Don’t promote Click baits (Such as make $1000 a day). You know it isn’t true and you are welcoming a high bounce rate 

2 Types of behavior people appreciate on Facebook groups

  1. Helpful comments
  2. Perfect emotional Post

How or Post helpful comments

It’s simple as it sounds. If your niche is a digital marketing group, and you are in a few groups related to the same niche, go to those groups and find out what people are posting.

There is a chance someone must have posted their pain point. Now, you know that person grappling with a problem and if you have a solution don’t just jump the gun by promoting your product/service in comments and if finds your solution worthy, he/she will reply back and if your product or service can help then pitch in a gentle way like “Glad that my comment helped you in solving your problems, check out my page, you will find something which will help you solve your problem further”.


I use it pretty much daily and my first sale was $500. Boom 1st sale and I know it works. People don’t have time to read your cold offers they want a solution to their problems. In marketing and sales, it’s a saying when you find someone’s problem, you can have him as a client.  In addition to traffic, you will have a Lead and maybe a customer for life.

Circling back to motives of parties now. With this, all parties will be satisfied.


How to write a Perfect Post?

This is a million dollar question, how to post in order to gain traffic?

Let me tell you how to make a post that works and certainly will work for you if you have followed everything that has been mentioned in this article so far.

1. Tell a Story -Undoubtedly, we are addicted to stories. They rule our attention Span.

Why? I don’t think we need to enter into the evolutionary biology, allow’s just claim that stories were used to be hand down wisdom in between generations.

So you require to tell … a story but about what?

A story regarding your Idea customer reaching to their desired goals.

In every story, there are three important things – Protagonist (Related it with the consumer), Problem (Write about his pain point and don’t forget to magnify the pain point, talk about implications to make them worry more), Solution (Your product or service).

Please Note: Send requests in groups which are active and have at least 1000 members.

To find if a group is active or not check out the picture

Glean  to the read mark, It shows that in this group the posts frequency is 10+ a day, it means it’s an active group.

2. Crafting a Post – Once you craft a post using the story pattern which we saw above (Use Protagonist, Problem, Solution).

3. Add a Link – Of course, the final goal is to make people click your link. But we should add a link at the right moment. We need to wait until we get the optimum amount of engagement. There is no right or wrong way to go about it, you can test out different variations. I generally don’t post links in my post but I put in comments. Check out if this works for you. I aim high amount of engagement.


Try the steps mentioned in the article and I am certain that you will get more traffic from Facebook.

Also, comment and tell me if you got enough traffic from Facebook Groups?




Marketers can’t help you if your product sucks!


Marketers have this reputation to turn crap into gold although it’s a fallacy. A crappy product is always crappy, good marketing can help you get some attention and a few sales but once the product is in the hands of the final consumer, you are done.

The consumer is smart, he/she knows what to buy and if you hurt his buying beliefs, your brand should get ready to face some massive hits.

In this digital age, where everything is exposed to social media, can you expect to sell a crappy product and get away with it?

In today’s time where we are heading toward personalization, even average products don’t have a chance in the market. Your Product must be awesome. That’s when marketing can help you. People tend to forget this all the time.